Public Interactions

We create playful and meaningful interactions in the public space

What we do

We create playful and meaningful interactions in the public space by using both the physical and the digital domain. Creating special experiences.

Graffiti/Street art Murals

Sagitta started as a Graffiti Crew on the streets of Breda and Antwerp. What started as an adrenaline rush quickly turned into the interesting interaction between wall and human. Graffiti and street art are the two most powerful forms for conveying a message that is full of emotion in the public space. Nowadays we create murals for you, your organisation & events.

Graffiti Workshop

Graffiti workshops

Graffiti is often seen as an act of vandalism, but this art form develops the foundation of your own expression and voice. We give graffiti workshops to organizations, companies, and schools to show how great it is to practice this form of art yourself.

Interactive Installations

What do you get when you combine Graffiti / Street Art with Technology: Interactive installations that will give users & visitors a profound experience. We create meaningful installations in which the visitor can play the leading role and is part of the entire interaction.

Advertisement & Campaigns

Advertisements and campaigns are nothing more than Graffiti in its core: a message that is proclaimed in the public domain. Film spots, posters, flyers, signing & other attributes are all within our reach to tell your message as powerfully as possible.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an extension of your campaign. SEO, SEA & Social channels are the main players in this, who proclaim your message in the digital world. We ensure that you always remain relevant in the constantly changing digital world.

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