Pronounced: Sagítta (/səˈdʒɪtə/) Abbrv: Sge.
Translation: Arrow

Sagitta means arrow in Latin.
We are arrow creatives: We create arrows.
Why arrows?

An arrow can lead you to your destination/goal. It gives you direction.

In other words: Structure

An arrow can also mislead you. It gives you confusion.

In other words: Chaos

Cupid shoots an arrow

The arrow of love & life

A warrior also shoots an arrow

The arrow of hate & death

The funny thing is that an arrow is nothing more than a drawn line with a cap, but we humans give it a value, so it means something to us.

From nothing to something

That is what we at Sagitta also do:
Turning meaningless lines, dots and scribbles into valuable designs, solutions and interactions.

Creating culture & value

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Hard work pays off

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