The Cage

The biggest Baseball & Softball shop of Belgium


Sagitta Creatives

Scope of project:


The Cage Bvba is the largest baseball & softball store in Belgium. It is an established name with a full-fledged store in Antwerp. They have a wide range of baseball & softball products and have a close relationship with Belgian baseball & softball associations and clubs.

They are very strong physically and are also expanding to the Netherlands.


They want to improve themselves digitally. We were asked to show them the way in the digital age. This means a completely new webshop, more active on social media and serving customers better through digital channels.

The Challenge:
Redesigning and digitizing the services to serve customers better in the digital domain

The old website of The Cage was outdated and no longer relevant in the rapidly changing digital world. The website had to be completely overhauled and rebuilt from scratch. Through creative sessions with The Cage, we determined what The Cage stands for: their brand values ​​and brand identity. This will be the foundation for the new website.

Understanding The User

Who are the (potential) customers of The Cage? Together we looked at the entire target group and based on this we created personas: user profiles describing the challenges and problems of potential customers and how these can be solved by The Cage itself. Because there is not one type of customer, many different personas are created, each with specific background, challenges and wishes. In this way we are able to design specifically for every potential customer, taking their wishes and goals into account.



All the insights we have obtained from desk research, benchmarks, observations, prototypes and interviews have been collected and discussed with The Cage. This resulted in a list of the functions and interactions that must be present in the website for an ultimate user experience. Sketches & wireframes have been made based on this list to determine the entire user flow. These are the principles for the final design.

The end result

Colors, style elements and typography are carefully selected based on their own brand personality, identity and values ​​and applied in a coherent whole. The webshop is complete and customers now have the opportunity to experience the physical experience of the store in an digital environment.

Cage mockup4
Cage mackup2

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