Serotonine Generator

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Sagitta Creatives

Scope of project:

Graffiti Mural

Together with Mathieu from RYOindeStudio we made a wall drawing for 0-to-9 Cross Creative Agency & 0 Entropy at their office: two companies in the same space that complement each other seamlessly.

The name 0-to-9 stands for Serotonin: a substance in your body that makes you happy. They give other companies and organizations a good dose of Serotonin through their creative designs, concepts and strategies. But where does all this Serotonin come from?

Exactly: from an inexhaustible source/core that is located in the heart of the company. We call it the Serotonin Generator.

Customers who visit 0-to-9/0 entropy will immediately see the generator upon arrival. The wall drawing is entirely made of chalk.

Watch the making of:

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