De Coolsingel


Sagitta Creatives

Scope of project:

Graphic Design
Enviromental Design

The Coolsingel renews!
The most famous street in Rotterdam will once again be the pride of all the people of Rotterdam. The Coolsingel regains its allure and international appeal. With a wide bicycle and pedestrian promenade, more trees, city parks, new pavement and ornaments, it will be the place to be.
To redirect traffic as effectively as possible and inform visitors as good
as possible, 0-to-9 Creative Impact Agency was instructed to do all the visual communication
around the renovation of De Coolsingel. We are proud to be part of the complete team that created this campaign at 0-to-9 Creative Impact Agency.

The Challenge

It is important that the Coolsingel project is given a nice twist; no one is waiting for diversions in the city, but it can be made as pleasant as possible.

Important to take into account in the concept are the following guidelines that can be subdivided into interaction, visual and functionality:
– The Coolsingel has to interact with the people (interaction)
– The Coolsingel has to inform (functionality)
– Pedestrians and cyclists play the leading role on a more nature friendly Coolsingel. (Interaction)
– The Coolsingel is part of the corporate identity of the Municipality of Rotterdam (visually)


The Campaign

Based on the guidelines a campaign was created in which real citizens of Rotterdam play the leading role. After all, it’s about their city and their street! A series of portraits were made of them in a pop-up studio on the Coolsingel. The campaign highlights the diversity of Rotterdam.  Their gaze betrays that something beautiful is about to happen, our street is becoming more beautiful!
In addition, we designed the “Coolsingel pattern” in which characteristic ornaments, artworks and buildings are displayed on the Coolsingel.


Information Center

You will find the Coolsingel Information Center that we designed on Churchillplein. You can find information about the plans and the process. Inside you see images of the old Coolsingel, but especially what the Coolsingel will look like in three years.


Enviromental Design

The entire Coolsingel is decorated with the photo campaign & icon design.  You can see it on fences, buildings and screens. It is hard to miss…


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